Life Insurance

Life Insurance Information

Life insurance is typically thought of as a way for survivors to help pay for funeral expenses, repay outstanding debts such, and provide for living expenses for surviving family members.  But its benefits reach much further.  For instance, Life Insurance can also be used to cover estate taxes and probate fees to enable families to help transfer their estate in the most appropriate manner.  But perhaps one of the most important features is the tax-deferred growth, and tax free access to cash values making life insurance advantageous for retirement planning.  

While there’s no predicting when the unexpected will happen, there is peace of mind in knowing you’re prepared for it when it does.  Individual life insurance is a complex, over-whelming arena, but its also possibly the largest investment you can make in your loved ones’ security. 

Whether it is for business or personal protection, the Life Insurance Team at CRW will educate you as to how to use life insurance to your advantage while helping your family and estate.