What type of coverage do I need?


You never know when you or your family may need such financial resources.  That’s why it’s important to know your options and plan ahead.

  • Whole Life - Whole Life insurance is also known as permanent insurance. You receive coverage for your entire life, as long as premiums (which are a set amount per period) are paid. Whole life policies accumulate cash value tax-deferred and are typically guaranteed (backed by the claims paying ability of the Insurance Company).
  • Term Life - Term Life policies provide coverage for a specific amount of time – such as 5 years, 10 years or 20 years. Term premiums are often less expensive than whole life premiums, but once the term of the policy is complete, coverage terminates. There is no accumulation of cash value.
  • Universal Life - Like Whole Life, Universal Life is a permanent insurance policy, which means that it covers you for your entire life, as long as premiums are paid. Universal life, however, offers you flexibility that enables you to change your premiums and death benefit as your needs change.
  • Survivorship Life - available as whole life, universal life or variable universal life – covers two people and provides payment of the proceeds when the second insured individual dies. Survivorship life insurance is often used to help meet estate planning or business continuation goals.
  • Strategic life insurance planning – Our planners will determine how much life insurance you need, how to own the life insurance and what type is appropiate. Whether it is for business or personal protection, the life insurance team at CRW will educate you as to how to use life insurance to your advantage while helping your family and estate.
  • Disability Income Insurance is used to help partially replace the income of persons who are unable to work because of sickness or accident. In terms of its financial effect on the family, long-term disability can be just as severe as death. Disability income protection can come from several sources: social insurance programs, employer-provided benefits, and individually purchased policies.
  • Long Term Care coverage provides custodial and non-skilled care, such as assisting with normal daily tasks like dressing, bathing, and using the bathroom. Increasingly, long term care involves providing a level of medical care that requires the expertise of skilled practitioners to address the often multiple chronic conditions associated with older populations. Long-term care can be provided at home, in the community, in assisted living or in nursing homes. Long-term care may be needed by people of any age, even though it is a common need for senior citizens.


Options What Is It Who Is It For
Term Life Select from 10-, 15-, 20-, or 30-year plan to protect People who need cost-effective protection for loved ones left behind.
Whole Life Protection with premiums and coverage that are guaranteed to remain the same for your lifetime. People who need entire life protection for family with a guaranteed premium.
Universal Life Entire life protection; includes a policy cash value with flexible payment schedule.

People who need:

  • College savings
  • Estate planning
  • Business planning
  • Additional retirement savings

Whether it is for business or personal protection, the Life Insurance Team at CRW will educate you on the different options so you are confident in the features and benefits it provides for you now... and in the future.