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Kelly Groeschl, CISR
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Direct Number (920) 827-2282
Fax Number (920) 898-5734
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Kelly has been part of the team at CRW since 2003.  Kelly’s favorite part of her job is 1) helping customers and 2) talking.  She loves talking!  That makes her position a perfect match, as her role involves plenty of time spent helping customers with questions over the phone.  Additionally, Kelly’s time is spend reviewing auto, home and farm policy renewals and completing changes to policies.  


Kelly grew up in Calumetville, as did her husband and that is where they decided to build their own home, allowing them to be close to family.  Some of Kelly’s favorite pastimes include enjoying the outdoors by fishing or gardening.  She also treasures the time she gets to spend watching her children play sport, such as baseball and wrestling.   With her life being as busy as it is, her favorite thing to do on a rare day to herself is to have a little “me” time.

Dream Vacation:


Anywhere new with family or friends to explore and make memories

First Job:


Waitress at the Altona

All-time Favorite Food;



Biggest Pet Peeve:


Negative people

My favorite:


Colors are purple and yellow

One thing she can't live without:


Her Family

Favorite High School class:


Math. (funny things is… she says she’s horrible with numbers)

I love people who


Love life - they're usually the fun ones!

Fun Fact:


Sometimes has to hit the snooze button in the morning if she doesn’t like
the song that's playing, because the song sets her attitude for the day.

Fun Fact:


Loves to sing at a Karaoke night… even though she claims to have terrible voice.