Workers’ Compensation is often an organization’s largest cost of doing business. Only when you take control of your Workers’ Compensation process can you truly earn the lowest possible premium. Our WorkComp Solutions Team will take you there by:

  • Verifying and managing your experience modification factor

  • Ensuring an error free premium audit

  • Preventing employee injuries and managing them effectively when they do occur

  • Helping you build relationships with local occupational clinics

  • Creating and implementing transitional work programs

At least one in two businesses are over-charged for their Workers' Compensation. 

Up to 90% of Experience Modification Factors are miscalculated.  

 Are YOU paying too much for your Work Comp costs?

Our team at WorkComp Solutions is equipped with the tools, knowledge and experience to review all facets of your workers' compensation costs, analyzing each factor to validate accuracy and dispute all discrepancies.


  • Locating mistakes in Experience Modification Factors and following through to be sure they are corrected.
  • Verifying audit to identify and correct mistakes and errors in preparation for the insurance company auditor.
  • Obtaining refunds.
  • Demonstrating how you and not the insurance company ultimately pay for injury costs.
  • Educating how "bidding and quoting" your workers' compensation program is not an effective strategy for driving down costs.
  • Helping establish a process for reducing costs and eliminating future errors.
  • Assisting with your hiring process, where workers' compensation problems begin.
  • Focusing on obtaining the right treatment from the right physician at the right time to provide the most effective care to injured employees.
  • Training supervisors on effectively managing employees when they are injured on the job.
  • Helping you minimize the risk of losing a valued employee when they are injured and enter the work comp system.
  • Creating a process to get your injured workers back on the job quickly, safely and fairly.
  • Guiding you in implementing processes that reduce lost workdays due to injury by 60-80%.
  • Assisting in the reduction of litigation arising from injured employees.

Are any of those a pain point within your organization?  Call us to help you take control of your work comp program and costs.